Tuesday, September 29, 2009


In less than a week we have visited with a brother that I haven't HEARD from in years!  Kinda forced our company on him.  Turned out nice tho.  Bought a tow dolly for the "toad" and left Phoenix with a scary feeling because of all we were driving and towing.  60 feet of machinery flying down the road at 60 miles an hour.  I am only the passenger!!  
I grew up in Arizona so it was not a pretty trip for me.  Michael enjoys the mountains in the distance.

Landed in Alburquerque , NM and really began to enjoy ourselves.  Went to Unser Racing Museum and Michael was thrilled the meet Al Sr.  and shake his hand.    Visited Old Town and left with a Stetson, for Michael and tourquoise earring for me.    The wind howled all around the motorhome on the second night here so we decided to hang out.

We would love to stay for the Hot Air Balloon Festival which begins on Friday, but the open road is calling and we heard that some of the ballons are "lost" in transit.

CYA in Colorado!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I love blogging, but began to be frustrated because I couldn't place my photos where I wanted them.  In desperation, I called the only person I call when I am stumped,  Kelly, my oldest daughter.  

She gave me simple instructions and I will now attempt to follow them.  They are a little confusing because I am basically computer illiterate.     So here goes.  I will attempt to place photos where I want them.    Stay with me.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


After a week of adjusting to life in a motorhome we are finding out that things we took for granted in the past need our attention .  For instance, toilets.  We all know what to do with our toilet after use, flush.  In a motorhome we have to check the levels of all of our tanks.  Yesterday we thought it would be a good time to check the level of the "black" tank (poop tank).  We opened the door to the monitor panel and pushed the button for the appropriate tank.  Nothing lit up!  We pushed all the other buttons and nothing again!  OmG!  We got on the internet and asked our friends in "Newmar Diesel Pusher Owners"  if they had any ideas of what may be wrong.  We did get answers.  We drove to the dealer and they gave us the number of Holland Motors in Michigan.  Then we got an email from "skip" from the NDPO club and he said check the fuse box and look for the label saying "monitor panel 10 amp".  Yep, that was the problem.  Michael said he looked but didn't see the label.  Well, it was in small print.  In the end, everything came out all right!  Pardon the pun!

Monday, September 14, 2009


We made it to our first stop! 6 whole miles without incident. I followed in the Escape while Michael and Emily drove the MOHO. Emily was not a good passenger. She preferred to be close to Michael under the dash!

We did fine backing into the space. We tried to use the walky talkies, but my thumb is too weak to push the button. I will have to exercise it. Michael became a little frustrated and said "put the M F r down and use your hands". That was better,but I wonder how many heard him yell over the walky talky.

We managed to get everything hooked up and running. The fridge is slow to cool down, but once it gets there it is really nice. A side x side!!! We used our Air Card to turn on the computers, identical 20" desktop Macs, although the park has wifi. I then unpacked the kitchen after moving the slide out, and began to make dinner. A simple fare because I have to study the book on the "Sharp Smart and Easy Convection Oven". The washer/dry is much easier to operate and I did a load of dishtowels for practice.

I didn't mean to bore you with all of this. I do want to mention that is has been stressful to say the least. M is much more relaxed than I, or he just "stuffs it". He did get a little upset when checking his bank balance online that the park had overcharged him by over $300! Got that straightened out. Emily is doing fine. She has developed UTI on past moves, but so fary so goody!

I can't imagine hanging out here much longer. Everything seems to be in working order. I am relaxing (sorta). Michael is so understanding and only calls me "drama queen" when I really get out of control. I try to do better and I will calm down. This has been a big move.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Our friends and neighbors gave us a going away party yesterday so I guess that means we HAVE TO LEAVE.
Everyone we meet in the Old Farts Home asks "when are you leaving?". We say "soon". It is finally in sight. " 2 days and a wake up" as they say in the navy. We will pull out of here on the 10th and drive 5 miles to the" weaning pen" as one friend calls our first campground. Admiral Baker Golf Course and RV Park in San Diego. There we will practice backing in and setting up. The motorhome has been sitting outside our apartment on the street for 3 and 1/2 months! Now we will have to "pony up" and actually learn how to use the darn thing.

. We will use our walky talkies to back er up into a tiny space. and then hook up the plumbing and electric and then the awnings etc. All of this will happen with everyone watching the "newbees" move into the park. This makes me nervous even though I previously owned a 27' C type and had no problems setting up. Michael is a "newbee" and will be nervous about me being the "backer upper".

Now that I have totally upset myself, I will close and get back to you after we move to the "weaning pen".

Friday, August 21, 2009


In the "Senior Active Living" apartment complex there is nothing or no one to help move "stuff" around. The complex is in an area that has everything you would need within walking distance (depending on your ability, of course). Parking is limited. 500 apartments and 100 parking spaces. So we do not move our cars if not necessary. So most people shop and wheel purchases home in the store's shopping carts. So when we want to move stuff to heavy to carry.

Michael tied two big Home Depot carts together loosely so they would bend around the corners when we moved our huge matteress to the motorhome. It is parked on the street a block away. People must've thought we were nuts, but we had fun. We were surprised that it went without incident!

We gave up our beautiful garden which is right below our apt. Hard to do after all the hard work and $$ we put into making a weed patch into a vegetable and flower garden.

Friday, August 7, 2009


The waiting is getting harder. We are cranky and short with each other. We do a little each day to prepare for the "Day of Departure" We decided to keep our big bikes for long rides and bought folding bikes for rides around campgrounds and exploring the small towns we visit .

I am making a list of belongings that I can sell (push off) at the rummage sale at the end of the month.

We drove to San Marcos to visit Camping World and purchased a bike rack to attach to the ladder on the back of the Moho. We will put the baby bikes in the back of the Ford Escape, which will be towed behind the motor home. We are worried about the amount of stuff we can't live without. His tools, including a chop saw! Our Karaoke equipment and which includes 2 large speakers and a monitor. We plan to entertain ourselves and others and pick up a little extra cash along the way.

It is hard to plan just what our expenses will be each month. the cost of fuel will take the place of cost of our apartment, depending on how far we drive, each month. Food will be the same as will our "adult beverages" after a long day of sight seeing. It is scary to think too deeply into this plan as we will address each obstacle as it shows itself. We went to Triple A and came home with books, maps and apprehension about what we are about to do. We reassure each other everyday that this is what we both have wanted a long time, separately.

I gotta go and look at maps again. We were going to head toward the Northwest, but have changed back to our original plan to head to our first stop, Las Vegas, although neither of us are gambling people. Maybe we will marry there. Maybe not.